What We Do

Looking for a freelance writer?

CopyStrands can help you with your writing needs from copywriting to web writing and more.

Need a freelance editor?

CopyStrands can help you with your editing needs from proofreading to copy editing and beyond.

Want specialty services?

CopyStrands can help you with your web and marketing needs from blogs to newsletters to flyers.

Writing Services

Copywriting: Body copy, headlines
Creative Writing: articles, reviews, children’s books
Web Writing: Online writing, blog posts, social media

Editing Services

Proofreading: Light line editing
Copy Editing: Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation
Substantive Editing: Reorganizing text, fact checking

Web Services

CMS: Content Management Systems
Code: HTML, CSS, WordPress shortcodes
Sites: Dreamweaver,

Design Services

Newsletters, Flyers, Ads: Design and layout
Logos: Concept and design
Blogs: Customize templates or themes