Courtney Shannon Strand

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Courtney specializes in writing and editing,
dabbles in design, plays on social media:




+ Affordable
+ Delivers Work On Time
+ Professional
+ Great Listener
+ Wide Skill Set
+ Understands Branding
+ Eagle-Eyed Editor
+ Creative and Technical Thinker


Courtney Shannon Strand is the owner of—an eco-friendly freelance writing and editing business—she helps small- to medium-sized companies with their writing and editing needs in an affordable and timely manner.

Her passion for words propelled her through a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and landed her an enchanting fashion magazine job at InStyle working in their copy editing department after she discovered grammar errors in the final paragraph of their cover story about a famous celebrity. Since 2000, Courtney has edited and written copy for books, catalogs, magazines, and websites. She is self-taught in HTML, CSS, blog designs and customizations, and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Courtney’s work has appeared in InStyle, ELLE, and Northwest Runner magazines, Eddie Bauer’s catalogs plus, AOL City’s Best, CTQ Media, and Seattle Central Community College’s websites. Courtney believes in staying on top of industry trends. She earned a Certificate of Editing in 2011 through Mediabistro’s year-long intensive course for editors.

She believes in world travel to learn how others live and has immersed herself in 14 countries. Thanks to her career and travels she has learned more about research, fact checking, and how to communicate when no one speaks her language. Feel free to check out her simple résumé or her infographic résumé.

Her blog’s tagline is: Be Chic. Be Green. Be Well-traveled.